Coming to Rwanda in Times of COVID-19

Rwanda has opened its borders for tourists and international visitors! No real quarantine is required, but the country asks for a negative test taken before boarding the plane, and a second one after landing (you have to await those test results for 12 to 24 hours in your room of a designated hotel). In these times, rules and regulation can change quickly though, make sure to follow the guidelines from your own government, meanwhile, we will try to put all updates from Rwandan side on this webpage.

What are the entry procedures in Rwanda, specifically for COVID?

All countries can receive a visa on entry to Rwanda – you can pay in USD or with a Credit Card. African Union, Commonwealth and La Francophonie citizens get a free 30 day visa.

COVID – From Aug 2020 international arrivals are required to have a COVID test within 120 hours of arrival. Once you land you will receive another test at a designated hotel and await the results inside your room (12 to 24 hours wait). If negative you will be able to proceed without any other restrictions. If positive then you will be required to quarantine in a Govt nominated hotel – you will be required to pay for the cost of the hotel.

What are the designated hotels for testing at entry?

Designated hotels have an agreement with the government. After landing in Kigali, passengers will be tested at the airport (60USD) and then transported directly to the hotel of choice . The passenger will then wait for the test results inside their hotel room. Full list of hotels can be found here

Onomo hotel, the official RaR race hotel, is one of the designated hotels. You can book through us (registration form) or directly with them.

What else do I need to do before leaving?

You are required to fill in a passenger locator form, which include passport information, travel details, negative test certificate (120 hours prior to departure) and hotel booking confirmation. Find the form here.

What are the exit procedures for leaving the country?

All travelers departing from Rwanda must test negative for COVID-19. A PCR test will be taken by the Rwandan Biomedical Center, and can be done at the official race hotel Onomo.

How likely is the event to take place?

Very likely. Cycling events are currently being organized again, and the nature of this event (solo) makes it even more feasible to organize during COVID times. Moreover, the number of cases remain low in Rwanda. We are in continuous contact with the National Police and will notify you whenever something changes.

I hear there’s a curfew, how will this affect the race?

Currently there is a nationwide curfew from 10pm to 4am. However, if this curfew is still in place by January 30th, all racers will receive a police waiver that allows them to ride through the night.