Coming to Rwanda in Times of COVID-19

Rwanda has opened its borders for tourists and international visitors! No real quarantine is required, but the country asks for a negative test taken before boarding the plane, and a second one after landing (you have to await those test results for 12 to 24 hours in your room of a designated hotel). In these times, rules and regulation can change quickly though, make sure to follow the guidelines from your own government, meanwhile, we will try to put all updates from Rwandan side on this webpage.


What if I have to cancel my entry for COVID related reasons?
If a participant is forced to cancel their participation due to COVID specific force majeure they will receive a full refund (transaction fee excluded) If a participant is forced to cancel their participation due to COVID related events not included in COVID specific force majeure, then they will receive a 50% refund (transaction fee excluded) *please see Ts and Cs for detail of COVID specific force majeure
What is the current COVID situation in Rwanda

Relatively speaking, the situation in Rwanda was never too bad. The country has put measures in place very early on in the pandemic and this helped to limit the spread of the disease. However, being a poor country, vaccination rates are still low, and there are sporadic ‘flares’ in cases, along with necessary measures. 

We are confident this will no longer be an issue by the next RaR.

What are the entry procedures in Rwanda, specifically for COVID?

All countries can receive a visa on entry to Rwanda, for members of African Union, Commonwealth and Francophonie, this is free of charge – others can pay at arrival in USD or with a Credit Card. Immigration link and further information is here.

COVID – From Aug 2020 international arrivals are required to have a COVID test within 72 hours of arrival. Once you land you will receive another test at the airport. If negative you will be able to proceed without any other restrictions. If positive then you will be required to quarantine in a Govt nominated hotel – you will be required to pay for the cost of the hotel (many airlines have insurance that covers this extra cost, make sure to look into it)

Will I get a refund if the event is cancelled because of COVID ?

Yes. See our Terms and Conditions for details.