We only have 5 rules:

1. Be Safe

  • The Race Around Rwanda is organized on public roads. It is the rider’s responsibility to know the traffic laws of the country and to obey them. Riders must use common sense when interacting with traffic.
  • Front and rear lights are mandatory between 6pm and 6am. At least one of each is required, a second one is recommended.
  • Reflective clothing is mandatory between 6pm and 6am
  • Wearing of a helmet is required at all times when on the bike
  • In case of a medical emergency, it is the rider’s responsibility to contact the emergency services, as well as the organizers.

Nb – All lights, helmet and reflective material will be checked at the registration, start line and at certain checkpoints.

2. Be respectful

  • Do not litter! Rwanda is famous for its clean environment, please help to maintain this. 
  • The Race around Rwanda is an effort of many engaged volunteers. They do all they can to make this an amazing experience for you, please be kind to them in return.

3. Be self-supported

  • Riders must make use of any self-powered two wheeled vehicle.
  • Drafting is not allowed, neither behind an other RaR participant, or any external vehicle.*
    • Pairs will be considered as a single entity; they can draft behind each other but not behind others. They can also help each other at any given moment.
  • All outside support which is not explicitly allowed, is forbidden. This means no friends of family handing you stuff along the route, no support cars, etc.
  • All food, drinks and equipment must be carried, purchased at public selling points or obtained at any of the checkpoints.
  • Each rider is responsible to make sure their tracker is working correctly and sufficiently charged*
  • If riders face a mechanical they cannot solve themselves, they are allowed to make use of any means to get to a bike mechanic, after which they can resume their race from the exact point where they left the course.

4. Be fair

  • Riders must follow these rules faithfully. Due to the nature of the event, you will not be checked on regularly, so it is up to the riders to be honest, fair and good humoured.
  • The mandatory sections of the route must be followed exactly. If a rider gets off track (by accident, or to get food or lodging), they need to return to the point where they left the track to resume the ride.*

The organization can impose time penalties or disqualification if they deem any of the rules have been broken.*

5. Be healthy and insured

  • Riders will be asked to sign a race agreement that states they are sufficiently healthy to compete in a race of this nature and take responsibility for their actions for the period of the race.
  • Riders will be asked to provide proof of insurance.

*rules marked with an * do not apply for Journey participants