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I am not free on the dates of the race, but want to ride in Rwanda

Just come and ride, it’s a friendly country! If you want a bespoke cycling holiday, get in touch with our friends at

I can’t find a Journey option on the site, are you organizing it again?

We will organize a bikepacking event the week before the race. Stayed tuned for more info!

What are the entry procedures in Rwanda=

All countries can receive a visa on entry to Rwanda, for members of African Union, Commonwealth and Francophonie, this is free of charge – others can pay at arrival in USD or with a Credit Card. Immigration link and further information is here.


Will there be support vehicles

Race Around Rwanda is a self-supported event. In the spirit of bikepacking races there are no real support vehicles. However, we will have organization cars following along the route, as well as a medical team at the checkpoints, ready for dispatch in case of serious accidents.

Participants should ensure that their medical insurance covers this type of event and country.

Is the water in Rwanda safe to drink?

We advise that participants drink filtered or bottled water throughout their time in Rwanda. There are many places along the route to replenish your supplies. IF you are needing to drink from an alternative water source then do use your preferred bacterial filter and purification tablets.

Should I be cautious for the wildlife?

Most of Rwanda is populated by humans and there are no large wild animal populations outside of the national park boundaries. There are monkeys in different areas of the country. Insects and mosquitoes can be a nuisance, especially at dusk and dawn in low marshy areas, so take the needed precaution with covering up and using repellent.

Where should I sleep? Can I bivy anywhere?

Rwanda doesn’t have a culture of ‘wild camping’ and although it is a safe country with low crime rates we advise that you seek out a bar, restaurant, hotel or campsite that will be able to support you during those needed naps. Many of these locations have provision of a walled garden/area. If you choose to rest at the side of the route then be aware you will likely have quite some attention (wanted or unwanted) from locals. 

Who is organizing this?

Race around Rwanda is organised by RaR Events Ltd., a Rwanda registered organisation, ran by a Brit and a Belgian living in Rwanda.

Matthew Brokenshire is always on the look out for an adventure….the longer and crazier the better! He swam the English channel and the straits of Gibraltar in the past, but currently spends most of his hours on the bike.
Originally from the UK Matt and his family have been in Rwanda since 2017.

Simon De Schutter has been cycling for all his life, and for the past 6 years mainly on Rwandan roads, on gravel bike, road bike or mountain bike. He is passionate about bringing this sport to the land of a thousand hills.

What do I do with my luggage?

You carry it 😉 This is a self-supported race, which means you need to take everything with you (of course you can buy stuff in shops along the way). No luggage will be transported to any of the checkpoints, but we will provide storage space in Kigali (start and finish location) for your extra bags and bike boxes.

When does the race take place?

The next edition will start in the morning of February 2nd 2025

What are the rules of this race?

See our ‘rules’ page

Will there be a finisher party?

There definitely will be, on the night of Saturday!

What are the requirements to enter?

You need to be at least 18 years of age at the day of the race start, and sign a note stating you are physically fit. You will also need to be able to show proof of insurance.

What prize money does the winner receive?

A big hug from the organizers. 

Will my supporters be able to follow my race online?

Yes, you will be provided with a GPS tracker, and a livetracking page will be on our website for all who wish to follow the race online.

Is any outside support allowed?

This is a self supported race. This means: no drafting, no support cars, not accepting any help offered by supporters, and fixing your own bike in case of mechanicals. Everyone can make use of all commercially available services such as hotels, restaurants or local bike mechanics. 

Which kind of bike do I need?

If you ask us: this is a race for gravel bikes with tires of 35mm or more. But we’ve heard people on MTBs who were very happy with their choice too. 

Is Rwanda a safe country for cyclists?

See our ‘about Rwanda’ page

What is included in the entry fee?
  • Local Sim Card with 4g functionality (works on 99% of the route)
  • Luggage storage during the race
  • Discounts at partnering hotel in Kigali
  • Pre-race breakfast
  • Rental of GPS tracker & real-time live tracking
  • GPX file of the route
  • Food and lodging at selected check points
  • Race goodies (incl. T-shirt, race cap, Rwandan gifts)
  • Finisher award
  • HD versions of pictures taken by our photographers
  • Finisher party
How long will the race take? What if I don’t make the time limit?

The race starts at 5am on Sunday with a time limit of 159 hours, which means you have to be back in Kigali by the finish party on Saturday (6 days and 15 hours later), cut off times for each CP will be published later.

If you don’t make a cut off time, of course you are allowed to finish the course on your own pace, you will still receive a finish in the ranking, although with an OTL. 

For those not so keen to race a 1000km

Keen for adventure, but not interested in doing a 1000km, chasing time limits or riding solo? We’ve got some alternatives for you

In the past, we have run a Journey Around Rwanda in parallel with the race, however, in order to make sure the race goes as smooth as possible, we are changing it up this year, and actually give you several options for 2023

  1. The Silverback – EXPEDITION
    The Silverback is a gravel race which happens a month after the Race Around Rwanda, on the first weekend of March. The week before, we host a gravel expedition around the country, 4 days of gravel riding (100km/day) and exploring the country, plus two days of fun and relaxing in Kigali, before you can tackle the race. More info about this by the beginning of August!
  2. The Silverback – GRAVEL RACE
    Rwanda is a gravel paradise, and is home to some of the smoothest and scenic gravel roads in the world. None of them are flat though, and the 144km race conquers more than 3000 meters of climbing! Don’t worry, there is a 80km ‘baby gorilla’ with a mere 1400m of climbing available as wall.
  3. A Road Journey
    Not yet confirmed, but the first week of July, we are looking to host a 6 day, 680km road ride around Rwanda. Some of these roads are currently still in the process of being paved though!
  4. Your private Journey
    Want to ride in Rwanda, solo, or with some fellow riders, get in touch with you, and we can arrange a completely tailor made Journey Around Rwanda experience. Gravel, road or MTB. Full self supported bikepacking, or luggage transport and guides,… let us know via!

Join the Race Around Rwanda

Race Around Rwanda 2023 starts on February 5th at 4am

RaR has moved back to the original date in the first week of February. Tickets now sold out, see below for waiting list. 

The Race around Rwanda (RaR) is an ultra endurance cycling event that leads contestants over a spectacular route around the beautiful Rwandan countryside. It is a self supported, single stage race covering almost 1.000 km and 17.000 meters of elevation gain. About 40% of the race will be gravel roads, the rest is raced on smooth tarmac.

It is a self supported race, meaning that participants need to carry all their own luggage, cannot use outside support and are not allowed to draft (participants signed up as pairs can ride together). However, some of the checkpoints will have basic lodging options and warm meals (included in entry fee).


Tickets now sold out. Fill in waiting list to be notified when tickets are available again (first to fill list: first to be notified)

What does it cost?

Prices are the same for single race entries and pair race entries (per person)

  • Standard price: €270 + cycling gear donation (see below)
  • East African Residents: €220
  • East African Nationals: €120

You find payment instructions and Terms and Conditions on the registration page

What is included in the price?

  • Luggage storage during the race
  • Discounts at partnering hotels in Kigali
  • Basic pre-race breakfast
  • 4 check points at hotels, with friendly RaR faces that happily offer you food and water
  • Race doctor and ambulance stand-by and firts aid at check points
  • Rental of GPS tracker & real-time live tracking
  • GPX file of the route
  • Paper race booklet
  • Race goodies (incl. T-shirt, race cap, Rwandan gifts)
  • Finisher award
  • HD versions of pictures taken by our photographers
  • Finisher party
  • Local SIM card


February 4th/All DayRace Registration and bike check in
February 4th/4pmMandatory Race Briefing
February 5th/4amRace Start
February 11th/23:59pmFinish Time Limit
February 11th/6.30pmFinish Party
February 12th-13thSafari Trip (info to follow)

Gear donation as entry fee

We have decided to work together with a local organization that supports young Rwandans in their development through the sport of cycling.

Spare parts are incredibly hard to find in Rwanda, and because of this will ask each participant to bring at least one piece of gear to the start of the race. Those pieces can mean the world for young Rwandans!

Detailed instructions will be sent to you once you sign up